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Stage Plot

Input List

For Video, we require two different video systems displayed in the venue:


On the rear wall, we require a cyclorama or projection surface large enough for all audience attending to clearly see without being obscured from the projected image for multimedia presentations during our live musical performance. A minimum 6000 lumen projector fed via a 1080P HDMI Input signal from our laptop computer from backstage will project a moving video image on the rear wall projection surface. 

In the front of house area, we also require a second video distribution system to display images and moving pictures from this same backstage video laptop for playback between our live musical performances and at the begining of our show. This system could be a pair of large flat screen television monitors on both the left and right sides of the procenium opening or a second projection system with a retractable electric projection screen.

For Stage Lighting, as an ideal setting, we require:

1x Knowledgeable lighting technician/board op, who can busk a show on the house console and can focus the house lighting fixtures. This person should ideally have knowledge of the eras of music to be played: an example set list can be provided for reference.

At least 1x soft-focused ellipsoidal-style LED fixture per stage position. Each focus should sufficiently overlap such that band members can walk between positions without leaving the light. These lights should be tungsten colour temperature (3200k) at all times, unless a cooler temperature is required for video purposes. Lights should be positioned (when such rigging is available) at a sufficient angle as to not block the sight of the performers (40-45 degrees). If height for rigging is not available, we recommend two fixtures per position, at offset angles, to prevent blinding.

Back light/side light of sufficient quantity to highlight performers as they move on the stage. Drums may include uplighting. Stage/uplighting of the proscenium, cyc, or drape is encouraged. 

At minimum:
4x Yorkville/Chauvet LED4X bars (or similar bright, 4-head, DMX light tree), with controller, on stands that could reach a height of no less than 7 feet from the stage deck.

Haze is encouraged, and any moving lights that are available, either in the air or on the deck, are encouraged as well. We recommend use of lots of colours and movement if available, as long as the performers remain highlighted. Moving head fixtures must NEVER be aimed on the rear wall video projection surface.

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