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The band

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BACKBEAT is four mates from Victoria, BC.  Four pretty fab guys who live and breathe the most exciting decade in music history.  The boys have been thrilling audiences since 1988 with their loving and most authentic musical tribute to the 60's.


Students of music, casual listeners and fans of all ages know all these songs.  In fact, many of them have been singing them since they were school kids, when things were so much simpler and memories were being made.


BACKBEAT honors the music, honors the memories with an uncanny sense and sensibility for each and every song on the repertoire which by the way is substantial to say the least.  From the Beatles to the Zombies and everything in between, these are the songs you remember, the way they were played, absolutely live.  For BACKBEAT, it's all about paying homage to these great artists and this incredible catalogue of music.


The guys are all experts at their craft, honing their chops on dusty stages and in smoky cabarets all across the country for over 4 decades. In fact, collectively and singularly each of these artists has graced the stage with some of the worlds foremost artists including Sheena Easton, Celine Dion, Loverboy, Fee Waybill, Nigel Olsson, Honeymoon Suite, Steven Tyler and David Foster...yes, THAT David Foster.  BACKBEAT has also been a featured opening act for Trooper and 54-40, two of Canada's most successful artists.


BACKBEAT, authentic... genuine and honest just like the music they play.  It's been quite the journey hasn't it?  From a small noisy dank cavern in Liverpool to 50,000 screaming fans at Shea Stadium and beyond, BACKBEAT let's you re-live every moment, every memory and the most amazing decade in music history.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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// guitar


Entertainer Extraordinaire


George is the group’s resident musicologist. He eats, breathes and sleeps 60's music and with more than four decades of playing experience, George is at his best when he is on stage.  He joined his first band when he was 14 and his mom never forgave him. Former founding member of Reunion Jack.


// guitar - keyboards

Maestro Fresh Meicklejohn


Multi-talented producer, vocalist and instrumentalist, Duncan has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. He has recorded or performed as a backup vocalist with Sheena Easton, Celine Dion, David Foster, Loverboy, Michael Bolton, Nelly Furtado and more. Dunc also mentors and plays in several other local groups.



// bass & more


Rhyme or Rhythm


Kelt is the multi-instrumentalist of our band and has played bass since he was a kid. A great singer too. Bass, mandolin, guitar, penny whistle, harmonica, recorder, it's hard to find an instrument he doesn't play, and play well! Kelt also plays with The Eccleston's and you may have seen him on TV or in the movies.



// drums - percussions


The Beat Keeper


Tim has been drumming on the West Coast for over 35 years and has shared the stage with Trooper, Prism, Delbert McClinton and more. He's even played for the Queen! A former member of 80's hair band Don Tron, Tim has given up the Spandex for a turtleneck and loves 60's music where he now holds down the beat for Canada's most authentic 60's musical tribute.


//  production manager


Rob is our puppet master behind the curtains. Having toured or mixed live shows with K.D. Lang, Murray McLaughlin, David Foster, Aaron Neville, Duke Robillard, B.B. King and so many more, Rob puts our production together specifically for each show that we perform, operates sound and lights during our live performances and does our recordings and web site. He schedules and books our events and looks after all of our logistics.  He's the magic in our mystery tour!


//  technical assistant


Jeff is the newest and most welcome member of the group. All of our gear doesn't get setup by itself and Jeff is instrumental in getting our stage the way we need it and making our players feel comfortable to perform.  A mix engineer himself and a former road warrior with our drummer Tim, Jeff has years of experience playing and dealing with the technical side of the musical world.  Thank you Jeff!